Jimmy Jib Crane

Different lenghts : 2m / 4m / 6m / 8m / 10m

2D or 3D head( 360° rotation )

Crane and HD monitors functionong also by battery, that makes the crane “autonomous” ; an advantage for areas without electricity.

A complete range of accessories allows to put all the cameras up to 22,5 Kg in the “Extreme” version (9,10m).

Practical informations :

The Jimmy Jib is managed by a crane operator. It takes about 2h to assemble and 1h30 to disassemble according to the configuration. This work is done by the crane operator with assistance from a grip.

The tripod of the crane can be placed on the ground, on a platform in a fixed position or on a track.

The crane operator can controls the head and the camera by deporting the handles commands on the flightcase. In that case, the grip controls the crane arm’s movements.

Accessories :

Wheels for tarck system ( 62cm wheels-axle ).

Focus for PL lenses ; several toothed wheels are available to adapt the different types of lenses. This focus is managed by the crane operator or by a focus puller using the Follow Focus HF system.

In additional stock : Handle focus command / Handle command tilt / Command box / motors.

    Compatible equipment