Video editing suite

Powerful suite equipped with Final Cut Pro X and Adobe CC 2017 suite ( including many effects plugins ).

The video editing suite features 4 screens, two of which are DELL 4K screens, 1 JVC HD monitor et 1 TV screen.

The computer has been set  to measure in order to respond to editing needs in 4K to 8K.

Location camera RED Epic-W

Viewing space

To view your projects, we have created a friendly and snug space, equipped  with a Sony Full HD 3D projector and a large screen of 2.80 x 1.62 m (16/9) with powerful speakers Bose 5.1, this is in order to give you a visual and acoustic dimension close to a movie theatre.

DVD player / Blue-Ray and possibility to connect your computer in HDMI.

This is a warm place where we feel good to work but also to relax, take a coffee. A Café area is also made available.

We regularly complete our list of equipment, don’t hesitate to  come back and have a look from time to time ! Don’t hesitate to contact us for all requests or questions.