John Howe, From one World to Another

Style : Documentary / magazine

Duration : 26 minutes

Director : Daniel Nicolier

Broadcasting : 20.10.2017 “Passe-moi les jumelles”, RTS

Language : french / english (subtitles)

Video format : Full HD  | Audio 5.1 surrond sound

Our documentary travels !

After its broadcast in “Passe-moi les jumelles” on Swiss Television program, our documentary flew to China where it was greeted with enthusiasm.

Other screenings upcoming …


There have been plenty of films about John Howe, the Canadian illustrator famous for his work on The Lord of the Rings trilogy. But this one’s different. It’s essentially a philosophical journey, for John Howe likes to remain part mystery.

We followed him to the places he visits to be alone, draw and take pictures. From New Zealand to Switzerland, where he lives, he talks about his drawings, his photos, his approach to things, through shadow and light.

A beautiful way to see the world : an Artist.

Original Soundtrack

The music of the documentary was written and composed by Lord Campbell, the frontman of Silver Dust band.

The choice was retained on a cinematic and mysterious musical genre to remind the universe of “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” Peter Jackson’s movies.


John Howe website

Band’s website : Silver Dust  | facebook page

Title : From one World to Another

Duration : 26′

For reasons of copyright, the movie access is protected with a password.

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Full musical interpretation by Dana Howe from the documentary.

Duration : 4’12

Footages : Daniel Nicolier

Editing and color correcting : Farah Jamshidian

Sound recorder : Alain Cellier

Title : John Howe by Daniel Nicolier

Broadcasting : 14.10.2017 television programm INTERFACE, RTS

Duration : 2’52

An interview with Daniel Nicolier, the director of “One World to Another”. He returns to his filming experience in New Zealand and Switzerland alongside the famous illustrator of “The Lord of the Rings”

Filmmaking pictures